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Motorcycle Tours Through Turkey With Motodiscovery are a Great Vacation Option

For years Moto Discovery has been operating motorcycle tours throughout various parts of Turkey. This has long sense been a favorite for both out tour riders as well as our staff. The Turkey tours are great for rider of any skill level. The entire tour takes place on paved roads and any off road riding is completely optional. We have found that this tour is a truly romantic event and is great for couples. We spend 11 days riding over 1900 miles through and area that is rich with biblical history and archeology. Despite what many people think Turkey is a very safe tour to travel and the ride is always one of our favorite destinations.

The Tour of Turkey offers our guests an experience unlike any other. This tour is filled with romance, culture, history, exotica, and a great ride. We begin in the famed capital Istanbul. From the moment you arrive you are swept away with this magical location. Sitting right on the black sea at the point where Europe meets Asia is where your 11 day exotic adventure begins. 

If history is what you want this tour has it all. We begin the ride by visiting the World War 1 battlefield of Gallipoli. This area is a major part of New Zealand and Australian military history. From here we head onward and visit the site of Troy and then the jaw dropping city of Epheus which is near the Aegean Sea. This area dates back to 500 B.C. and is famous for its biblical ties and teachings. We will stop in the city of Bodrum which is a lively town with a great nightlife. In Bodrum you will be able to really experience a good time and mix it up with the locals. This is a favorite for many of our riders. After Bodrum we will continue along the Aegean coast to Konya. This area is most famous for the monument and tomb of the great Sufi spiritual leader Rumi. The town of Konya is a pilgrimage site for people who follow the peaceful philosophy and teachings of this Persian poet.

The true highlight of this trip is the two night stay in Cappadocia. This area provides us with breathtaking views of soft volcanic stone pinnacles as well as carved habitats. Your hotel is one of these unique architectural endeavors. In Cappadocia you will have time to really enjoy this area. Take a hot air balloon ride for the best view of the city or explore the underground city of Derinkuyu. This city could inhabit as many as 25,000 people. The stories the locals tell about these subterranean dwellings will have you in awe.
After you have explored and enjoyed everything Cappadocia has to offer we are a short domestic flight back to Istanbul to wrap things up. If you have the time we definitely recommend you extend your trip to spend a few more days in Istanbul. This is an incredible city with a lot to offer. Moto Discovery can facilitate the extra nights for you and even provide you with a menu of activities at your request. 

Moto Discovery operates the best motor cycle tours in the most exotic locations around the globe. From the mountains of the Himalayas to the exotic lands of Cuba and Iran Moto Discovery can provide you with a truly unique motor cycle adventure.  

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