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Book Your Venice To Istanbul Motorcycle Vacation Tour With Motodiscovery Today

Moto Discovery, the premier provider of exotic Motorcycle Tours is now accepting reservations for our 2016 Venice to Istanbul Tour. This tour is one you don’t want to miss. Moto Discovery will take you on an epic 16 day tour vacation spanning over 1700 miles and 8 different countries. Our Venice to Istanbul Tour takes a route which is entirely on paved roads where any off road riding is completely optional. The tour is moderately paced on purpose which allows riders plenty of time to explore and enjoy each of the 8 countries we will visit. There is a wide variety of cultural and historical highlights along the way that this tour gives you plenty of time to take in. While this is not an especially challenging ride it is intended for experienced riders. This is a great tour option for couples and single riders alike. Enjoy the beauty and cultural offerings of this trip with someone you love or with the Moto Discovery crew. We promise you will be impressed with this truly exceptional Tour.

Istanbul has long been one of Moto Discoveries favorite places to visit and ride. Over the last ten years of operating tours in and out of Turkey we still can’t get enough. This land radiates with culture and we love being in the middle of both European and Asian influences. Whether this is your first time to the area, or you are a veteran traveler of the land, the Moto Discovery Venice to Istanbul tour will undoubtedly be an experience you will never forget.
Our years of experience operating tours in Venice, Istanbul, and everywhere in between has taught us that the best way to truly enjoy everything these enchanted lands have to offer is to make sure we have ample time in each area. The Venice to Istanbul Tour combines an epic motorcycle riding experience with culture and history from some of the most exotic spots in the area. 

We begin in the romantic Canalled city of Venice a truly great spot to start the ride. Once under way we will ride through the Italian Alps and cross into the relaxed atmosphere of Slovenia. In Slovenia you will have time to take in the countries unique culture, century old castles, and seaside cuisine in the Dalmatian Coast. 

Montenegro is always a favorite destination of our tour riders. This area is often referred to as the Pearl of the Mediterranean. You will see why it has this distinction when from the seat of your bike you will experience amazing panoramic views of blue waters and the Adriatic Sea. From here the Tour will take you through Albania, Macedonia, and Greece. Each of these locations offer something truly special and unique to their visitors. In Greece we will spend two nights in Athens which is a new highlight of this tour. Finally we end in Istanbul. Once you arrive here you will see why we suggest extending your trip a few days to really take this awesome city in.
The Venice to Istanbul Tour is one of the favorites for Moto Discovery guests. This tour is rich with historical and cultural influences that you will definitely not forget. You will have plenty of time on this tour to take in each of the locations we ride through. If you are someone who has already vacationed in Central Europe we suggest you book this tour and experience the “other” Europe with us. We are confident you will be more than pleased with this tour option. 

Moto Discovery operates Motorcycle Tour Vacations to some of the most exotic places on earth. Our tours have taken Moto Discovery and our guests from the mountain regions of the Himalaya’s, to the Islamic Republic or Iran, and the depths of Central America. Call us today to book your next motorcycle adventure vacation. 800-233-0564