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Motodiscovery Operating Motorcycle Tour From the Black Sea to The Caspian Book Now

Moto Discovery is once again going deep into the heart of Europe with our Black Sea to Caspian Motorcycle Tour. This is another can’t miss opportunity for adventure travelers. You can expect three to four days of off road travel on this tour so some experience on loose gravel and rutted roads is a must. As usual small stream crossings and unpredictable conditions can come up when riding this type of terrain. The Black Sea to Caspian Tour will accommodations will have a little bit of everything. You can expect the luxurious to the rustic and even a home stay in the remote area of Caucasus. This tour will allow riders to see a whole lot of five different countries including Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey, Russia, and Georgia. The Black Sea to Caspian Tour is a great way to explore these exotic European destinations.

When you are looking for a one of a kind adventure vacation in lands that are often overlooked the Black Sea to Caspian Tour is the one for you. This ride veers far away from the “norm” in adventure travel and riding through the Caucasus Mountains will not disappoint.

Our tour begins when you arrive in the storied city of Istanbul. Upon your arrival you will see why this city is considered one of the best cities in Europe. The culture and history will be like nothing you have experienced before. After taking in some of what Istanbul has to offer we will board an included flight to the Black Sea city of Trabzon. Here everything will be staged for you to begin your ride to the Caspian Sea.

From Trabzon we head east along the Black Sea to The Republic of Georgia. This is a great city to ride in and is truly making the most of their independence from The Old Soviet Union. Along this route we will ride to the 12th century Cliffside cave monastery of Vardiza and enjoy the best views around all from the comfort of your BMW Motorcycle.

From Vardiza we head towards Armenia. Upon your arrival in this ancient city you will be surprised by the countries unique architecture and cordial population. This region has had a tumultuous history to the point that there are no gateways with bordering Turkey or Azerbaijan. Areas of this region still are with armed conflicts rooting from century old tribal and religious differences. The legendary cognac of Armenia will help take your mind off the armed conflict however. As we depart the city of Yervan we will see the impressive views of the mystical Mt. Ararat. This towering peak sits on distant Turkish soil and the legend of Noah’s Ark resting here is a longstanding symbol or Armenian Faith.

After experiencing Armenia we cross into Azerbaijan. The moment you cross the border it becomes obvious The Caspian oil has been good to the region. Making the roads and infrastructure magnificent. However in Naftalan you will see that the countries rich oil is not all used for industry. Here you will have the opportunity to bathe in a soothing bath of oil that is known for great medicinal and healing powers. This is truly a unique experience you must take part in. Finally we arrive in Baku on the Caspian Sea. This city is a gem that proudly and eagerly displays western characteristics. The towering buildings and monuments will remind you of some of the Americas greatest cities with an Islamic influence and unmatched style.

We continue on the journey hitting Georgia and see the countries progressive culture to Armenia where we here of the countries tumultuous history with their neighbors. Then on to Azerbaijan where we can finally dip our toes into the Caspian Sea. The Largest enclosed body of water in the world.          

We then end the journey traveling into Russia. Here you will fall under the spell of the Caucasus. It is a point of discussion but many say this is where Europe ends and Asia begins.

The Black Sea to Caspian Tour is a great choice for anyone who is looking to go deep into Europe and Asia and explore of the beaten path of typical travelers and vacationers. We promise this is a tour that will not disappoint.

Moto Discovery operates motorcycle destination tours to some of the most remote lands on earth. Our group is serious about seeing the world through experiences that are not typical travel and vacation destinations all from the seat of our motorcycles. To learn more about Moto Discovery and our tours give us a call. 800-233-0564