San Antonio 9/27/2015 3:32:14 AM
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Is Believing Enough or Do You Need Hope and Oxygen, Too?

Surviving divorce, raising children and starting over is something Katie Kelley Detmer understands all too well.

Katie Kelley Detmer is an emerging author and speaker looking to touch those around her with a message of faith, family and hope. Detmer always wanted to write, but it wasn’t until after her divorce, the loss of her parents and being a mother of three children that she gained the courage to share her personal story of love, struggles, faith, hope and courage.

In her debut novel Hope & Oxygen, Detmer touches readers and shares her motto of: “It is never as bad as it seems and even though it may be hard, it’s never impossible.” Detmer’s book is geared to women and single mothers, however, fathers will be able to connect to many of the personal journeys Detmer shares such as learning even if something seems dark, impossible, you just need to take the first five minutes…the first step and keep going. Detmer talks about how single parents, wives and husbands need to focus on the first few days, weeks or months and not focus on fives years out from the goal.

“My book covers the seven-year journey I took in getting back into the work force and the dating scene after my divorce as a single mother of three children. It wasn’t easy raising my kids on my own. I had to learn how to balance my life while making sure I kept my focus on myself, my kids and what I wanted to achieve at work,” shared Detmer. “My journey had many ups and downs. I made mistakes, and sometimes people in my life were not honest with me, and I had to protect my kids from it all the best I could.”

Hope & Oxygen is a true story and starts with Katie Kelley Detmer’s earliest memories of a chaotic event that she survived without a blemish. Well, sort of. Detmer’s life has been a series of unexpected events and obstacles that she has had to hurdle. From getting divorced to dating a man sometime after who was trouble but seemed wonderful at the time, and later watching her children go through challenges, including her son being told he wouldn’t be a football player; miraculously, Detmer has always landed on her feet.

“My book isn’t about my ex-husband or why my marriage failed but rather a story about starting over with three kids and traveling down that unchartered path that so many woman travel. I didn’t want this to be a negative or dark book but rather a book of hope laced with plenty of humor even though at the time it may not have seemed funny” said Detmer. “Sharing the trials and tribulations about ‘that guy’ I dated after my divorce was critical to my book as so many woman I have met over the years have ‘that story’.  Things don’t always end well in relationships, including marriages. Yes, sometimes an ex can be awful and painful, but my story isn’t about those things. It’s about picking yourself up, dusting off the bad memories and starting over. I want readers to know that things aren’t always that bad and with hope and oxygen, all things are possible.”

Hope & Oxygen takes readers full cycle throughout Detmer’s journey and the tiny opportunities that come along to keep her moving forward through it all.

“Everyone can tell you it is impossible, but it’s not. We do need companionship, be it family, friends or a special person in our lives,” commented Halo Publisher Lisa M. Unima. “I believe it was faith and the importance of her children that helped get Katie through it all. Women email her to share their stories, and that truly shows the inspiration Hope & Oxygen gives readers.”

Katie Kelley Detmer is the proud mother of three children. She grew up in New England, went to college in Boulder, Colorado and currently lives in San Antonio, Texas. She is an outside enthusiast and has traveled the world cultivating lifelong friendships and memories.