Bulverde 9/24/2015 1:50:00 PM
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Motorcycle Tour Through Mexico’s Copper Canyon Book Now With Motodicovery

MotoDiscovery the premier motorcycle tour destination company is adding The Copper Canyon Expedition Motorcycle Tour. This is a newly designed tour with lots of off road riding and lots of challenges. For experienced riders a larger machine is better suited for this ride. We suggest something in the 650cc range. The first two days of the ride will be on paved roads while we approach the famed Sierra Madres. We will move to off-road once in the Copper Canyon Region. The Copper Canyon Expedition is designed for riders with at least some off-road experience. Off-road conditions will consist of loose gravel, rocky conditions, and some sand.

From the earliest days of MotoDiscovery pioneering “adventure touring” Old Mexico has been a staple of our tours. This is an area rich with culture and tradition and experience this on a motorcycle is unlike any traditional Mexico vacation. The Copper Canyon terrain with its massive canyons, high mesas, and rivers is an iconic destination among adventure tourists.

The Copper Canyon Expedition is a far cry from what most vacationers see on their Mexico vacation. This ride will take you off the beaten path of Mexico and let participants see a side a truly traditional side of Mexican culture. Riding through the lands occupied by the Tarahumara Indians you will experience the life of a primitive culture native to these parts of Mexico. Encounters with the locals will provide you with genuine hospitality and graciousness that is the tradition of Mexican People. The Copper Canyon Expedition is a tour where you can truly immerse yourself in the culture of the area you are traveling.

The Copper Canyon Motorcycle Tour with MotoDiscovery is a great way to get started in adventure touring. Many of our guests use this tour as an introduction into the lifestyle. This is a great tour to get your feet wet before trying one of the longer and more challenging rides. We have completely redesigned this tour to keep up with the times. We are going deeper into the Sierra Madres then in the past allowing us more time for off-road riding. This is a great way to experience adventure touring in what many people consider the best area to get started.

MotoDiscovery operates motorcycle tours to some of the most remote areas on the planet. Whether you are looking for a short ride through Mexico or you are wanting to ride the highest motorable path in the Himalayas MotoDiscovery has a tour that will be just what you are looking for.

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