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Motorcycle Tours With Motodiscovery Take Adventure Touring To The Next Level

Motorcycle tours with Motodiscovery have been the premier choice of adventure travelers for over 30 years. Motodiscovery operates the best motorcycle tours to some of the most remote locations on earth. Whether you are looking for a nice stroll through Colonial Mexico, or you want to turn things up a notch and ride the Himalayas, Motodiscovery has an adventure tour for you. For 30 years we have prided ourselves in providing our guests the opportunity to travel the world, experience different cultures, and see some of the most iconic landmarks on the globe all from the seat of a motorcycle.

We started in 1981 with a very simple idea operate a few tours into Old Mexico and do our part to tear away the myths of a land that we had grown to love. Back then we called ourselves Pancho Villa Moto-Tours. While many of our early guests still revere Pancho Villa Moto-Tours these experiences gave us the confidence and intrigue to seek out further away lands and take adventure touring to the next level. We continued to travel through Central and South America and established Motodiscovery as innovators in the world of motorcycle travel.

In 2003 the Name Pancho Villa Moto-Tours was retired for good and we adopted a name that engulfed what we truly had a passion for; discovering far off lands, experiencing their culture, and doing so in style. Motodiscovery was born. From the beginning we have always wanted to explore the world in a way that was always exciting, edgy and constantly on a path of elevating adventure touring. We have not looked back. We have traveled the globe seeking the newest and most exciting adventures available. There is no land off limits. We have been through the Islamic Republic of Iran, to the depths of Central Europe, through the Amazon and even Cuba seeking out our next great adventure. We have been all over the globe and each trip just adds gas to our flame of exploration. There will always be another adventure and we look forward to exploring it with you.


For information on our upcoming motorcycle tours or to book a private tour contact the Motodiscovery crew. We look forward to exploring the globe and pushing the limits of adventure tourism with you.  800-233-0564