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Move over Sherlock Holmes and Nancy Drew. New sleuths are on the move!<

How accurate are those very popular shows featuring the application of science to crimes and court cases. Linda Maria Frank’s background teaching introductory courses in forensic science gives her a perspective on the subject. Using a PowerPoint presentation, she investigates the various branches of forensic science, and explores their use to solve famous crimes. After a discussion of the facts, you can analyze what you see on TV for accuracy, probability and plausibility. The ability to research the tools of the forensic scientist is essential for today’s mystery writers whose stories deal with crimes. Mystery lovers will just enjoy demystifying the details that solve those cases and make them a better armchair sleuth.

Oct. 6


Who are we related to and how did we get here? Through a discussion of ground-breaking and up-to-date DNA technology (that you will actually understand), Linda will discuss the hunt for the mitochondrial Eve. DNA technology proves the ways we are all different, and yet the ways we are all the same. Find out through an examination of famous discoveries and cases why DNA is the miracle of technology that unravels the mysteries of relationships. Check the included link source for information about the rest of the lecture series.