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New Motorcycle Tour for 2016, 12 Days Across Cuba

Travel on the back of a roaring motorcycle touring Havana, Bay of Pigs, Trinidad, Camaguey, Cayo Coco, Santa Clara, and Cienfuegos during MotoDiscovery’s Cuban Motorcycle Tour. Travel the paved and unpaved roads of a country that few Americans have ever travelled, comfortably navigated by any tourist enthusiast at a very moderate pace. Experience Cuba the best way you can, on two wheels, through the Cuban countryside, rural villages, tobacco farms, music and art schools. Through people to people exchanges, we hope to show you a different side of Cuba and promote meaningful interaction with Cubans from all walks of life.

We will circle the country, starting and stopping in Havana, Cuba and immerse you in pop culture, music, dance and the undercurrent of life in Cuba. From son and salsa to santeria, the island’s syncretic religion fusing African and Catholic faiths, you will never look at Cuba the same way again.

For the motorcycle aficionados, we will arrange encounters with Cuba’s harlistas, those who own pre-revolutionary Harleys. The members of this clan are legendary and enjoy near celebrity status even in their home country. During this tour, they will teach you how they were able to keep these fantastic machine alive through economic deprivations and lack of spare parts.

Finally, rum and tobacco from Cuba is almost mythical in the States. The Cuban tobacco industry has had a long and fascinating history that you now have a chance to witness. During this Cuban Motorcycle Tour you will get a chance to witness the masters hand rolling the beautiful cured leaves and wash down a puff of puro with a fine añejo rum. Did you know that, at this point, you are allowed to bring home $100 worth of rum and cigars? If you have a friend who smokes, they will owe you big if you bring them one of these legendary products.

Visit MotoDiscovery to get the ride of a lifetime, a 12 Day Motorcycle Tour in Cuba, or call 800-233-0564 for details, pricing and booking.