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QualityStocks News - Galenfeha (GLFH) Performance & Savings Advantages of Proprietary LiFePO4 Battery Tech Key to Rapidly Growing Distribution Footprint

QualityStocks would like to highlight Galenfeha, Inc. (OTC: GLFH), an engineering, product development, and manufacturing company that provides innovative solutions for oil and natural gas production, as well as stored energy products across a number of different industries. The company provides these products and services through its stored energy and oil & gas division.

In the company’s news:

Galenfeha, Inc., recently announced that the company is now on track to become the nation’s top consumer of LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate) chemistry. This is hot on the heels of signing an exclusive distributor agreement with 57-year veteran oil and gas production services and equipment supplier, Oil and Gas Equipment, Inc., developer of proprietary stored energy solutions and ultra-high precision chemical injection pumps (focused on delivering a soup-to-nuts capability for sector operators in Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah). Given the continuing downturn in energy prices, oil and gas sector operators are clamoring for ways to shore up efficiency, and whether that comes in the form of the company’s revolutionary SCADA-controlled (pneumatic and solar) chemical injection pump control platform, the iWaV, or the company’s increasingly popular and extremely robust lineup of LiFePO4 batteries, GLFH is seeing mounting market penetration. In the battery arena specifically, this trend now has the company poised to steal the top slot from the only other company in the country with a bigger footprint in this compelling battery chemistry.

This latest distributor agreement announcement follows up on the exclusive distribution deal inked back in August with one of the most trusted names in West Texas oilfield services, Control Equipment, Inc., a deal which greatly expanded GLFH’s throughput in the Permian Basin. Sometime next year, on the strength of continuingly positive sales of oilfield batteries and increased penetration in other markets for the company’s lineup of patent pending, microprocessor controlled LiFePO4 battery systems, such as the NEV (neighborhood electric vehicle) and golf cart markets, Galenfeha will likely become the biggest U.S. manufacturer doing lithium iron phosphate batteries. Already hard at work on accessing new horizons for its range of batteries, including testing units that are slated to capture sizeable share in the U.S. military market, Galenfeha, with its extremely safe, yet lightweight lithium iron phosphate battery technology, is now really starting to turn heads as a provider of environmentally safe alternatives to lead-acid batteries. And these are alternatives that come with significant performance advantages to boot.

The same superb thermal stability, long-lasting electrochemical properties and superior energy density (compared to other chemistries such as lithium-ion), which has won the company’s technology many ardent fans in the oil and gas production game, has also set GLFH up for success in other battery end markets. The company’s current lineup, consisting of 30AH and 120AH (13.2V), 40AH and 120AH (12V), and a 12V mobile system (for vehicle emergency starter applications, as well as for field charging mobile phones or other electronic devices, and supplying continuous power for devices such as laptops), is fast becoming the go to choice across a wide variety of markets. Not only are these batteries an extremely attractive solution for upgrading various traditional lead-acid battery systems, offering benefits such as an absence of dangerous gases being generated during charging, the proprietary onboard battery management system (BMS) developed by GLFH also represents a significant cost-saving and logistical efficiency advantage. An advantage which has made Galenfeha a rising star among consumers of the technology.

The much lower self-discharge rate, lack of need for water and a complete lack of sulfation on the batteries (as is common with lead-acid), makes Galenfeha’s battery systems a no-brainer when it comes to standalone applications where a (for instance) vehicle sits idle for an extended period of time. This is a key advantage in applications such as golf carts, which sit during the off-season for long periods of time, or for things like range targeting systems in the military. The company’s proprietary BMS further enhances this advantage by providing continuous monitoring of the system’s operational parameters, such as current flow, voltage, and internal temperatures during charging/discharging. The net benefit is a battery that not only offers high energy density for direct power use due to the specific capabilities of the company’s LiFePO4 chemistry, but which also lasts a lot longer, thanks to continuous assurance that the battery is operating in a safe state, and that the cells are being protected from overcharge or being discharged too low, as well as optimally balanced, by the BMS.

The military market alone holds significant, untapped potential for GLFH’s technology and an already strong footing in oilfield services, combined with a growing presence in the golf cart/NEV space, makes this extremely agile company a highly interesting target for savvy investors. Galenfeha’s relatively small size and its established track record for providing the kinds of problem solving and tight-knit working relationships needed to master the military market, which is characterized by high demand for tailored solutions and an increasing focus on energy savings/environmental impact, make this company a share price-accessible vehicle for shareholders looking to profit amid the ongoing shift towards greater energy efficiency across the DOD’s entire landscape, as well as numerous sectors. And the company is even positioned to compete with Tesla’s (NASDAQ: TSLA) Powerwall technology for home backup power and main use energy cost efficiency, with an arguably superior implementation of the same concept, based on the company’s LiFePO4 chemistry, instead of lithium-ion cells.

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