Tokyo 10/22/2015 9:37:05 AM
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Ephraim Global Adds Oswald Abbot To Its Multi Asset Team

Ephraim Global, the Tokyo-based asset management company, has announced today the appointment of Oswald Abbot as portfolio manager to its team of multi-asset specialists. He will be based in the company’s corporate headquarters in Tokyo and will report directly to Seth Mantell, Chief Investment Officer at Ephraim Global.

Mr. Abbot joins the company from Clarendon where he led the research, stock and strategy selection efforts, identifying and implementing both internal and external investment strategies to be utilized in the company’s multi-asset offerings. Prior to this he has worked at Sanlam between 2002 – 2009 as a financial advisor and co-manager in alternative investment portfolio management. 

Ephraim Global international multi-asset team has uncovered three specific strategies within the defensive space that have major excess profit potential (managed fluctuations, total value and yield focused), which has led to a rigorous selection of highly dedicated managers for each strategy both from within the company and from external sources.

Commenting on the recent appointment, Seth Mantell, Chief Investment Officer at Ephraim Global, said: “We are very glad to welcome Oswald to Ephraim Global and to our team of multi-asset experts.  His extensive industry experience will surely bolster our multi-asset abilities and his knowledge will complement our existing multi-asset investment strategies. Mr. Abbot’s appointment will improve Ephraim Global capacity to deliver mindful and efficient advice and multi-asset solutions to our investors in Asia, and likewise around the world”.

“I am very glad to join the ranks of an internationally known team of innovative multi-asset specialists such as the individuals of Ephraim Global and would like to thank Mr. Mantell for the opportunity he has provided and the faith he has placed in my skills” said Oswald Abbot. “I am confident that alongside my colleagues we will further advance the company’s multi-asset capabilities not only at a regional level but also globally, delivering fresh perspectives and strategies, and exceeding the performance which is expected of us from our clients”. 

About Ephraim Global

Founded in 2005, Tokyo-based Ephraim Global is an international asset management group serving clients around the world. The company offers a wide range of financial advisory and planning services, bond and mutual funds, diversified asset portfolios, pension plans and account management for private and institutional clients alike, focusing on diversification, extensive research and a risk-aware investment approach.

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