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QualityStocks News - Alternet Systems, Inc. (ALYI) Omnichannel Payment Solutions & Fintech Toolsets Could Provide Access to 200 Million Unbanked in Latin America

QualityStocks would like to highlight Alternet Systems, Inc. (OTCQB: ALYI), focused on investing in and partnering with companies that are creating the future of money in the high growth, emerging technology fields of digital commerce, multichannel payments, and predictive analytics. The company's vision is to be the leading digital commerce, multichannel payments, predictive analytics solutions provider for global markets.

In the company’s news,

Alternet Systems is one of a handful of rapidly emerging payment processing industry firebrands that are poised to shake up the transaction space, as we rocket headlong towards a world of increasingly digital payments. Within the next five years alone, according to BNY Mellon’s (NYSE: BK) Global Payments 2020 publication, accelerating transformation of the world of payments will see the sector redefined by the entry of non-traditional providers, the evolution of new fintech solutions, and the formation of strategic alliances that cut across traditional sectoral boundaries. Additionally, the BNY Mellon report cited convergence as the other major theme moving forward, with technology platforms that are able to revolutionize clearing capabilities becoming increasingly global in both nature and reach, as well as massive consolidation around key products and solutions. This same consolidative pressure is seen as changing the regulatory landscape too, remolding it in favor of rule sets which provide for a less fragmented space, as well as the on-ramping of growth in digital currencies.

Alternet Systems, essentially structured as an enterprise accelerator, has learned the most important lesson to come out of the world of digital currencies since the inception of Bitcon: that payment processing is where the real money is at. The company’s vision to execute a roll-up strategy of digital currency exchanges is way ahead of its time and ALYI is currently pushing hard for a NY state BitLicense, even as the Winklevoss twins are setting up the field after their successful launch of the Gemini exchange. If we look at comments from strategic planning and finance director for the company which manages the Dominican Republic’s biggest mobile banking platform, tPago, regarding how the big push in the industry currently is to get people to use their accounts for more than just receiving payments, it becomes clear how ALYI’s approach to transforming the landscape makes sense for everyone.

Creating the tools that will allow for greater flexibility in terms of how people use their accounts will grant financial service providers high-value, unprecedented access to consumers, and those same tools will allow consumers to get more bang for their buck when it comes to being banked. This underlying dynamic makes a great value proposition for unbanked consumers in markets where access to financial services are limited, but where mobile access is not. Being able to step in here and provide access to millions of unbanked or underbanked people, using the mobile platform as a conduit, in order to tap a consumer market that could go from 30 million devices to over 60 million devices being used to make transactions within the next handful of years, is a big opportunity for ALYI. The company is prepping for milestone growth over the next several years, as smartphone market penetration in the western hemisphere continues to boom throughout Latin America and South America, while it continues to flatten out in more mature North America markets. Mobile and mcommerce are primed for explosive growth and a company which can facilitate this transformation, such as Alternet Systems, is potentially one of tomorrow’s very hot properties, available today at a price which is accessible to any investor.

ALYI is currently focused primarily on two distinct areas: providing omnichannel solutions for the payment processing industry which will modernize the legacy point-of-sale infrastructure, and providing comprehensive suites of tools for payment processors and the like, which can enable said processors to expand beyond traditional debit and credit card processing, into bill payments and the selling of additional services. Modernizing legacy point-of-sale architecture and creating toolkits for the payments layer also opens the door to ALYI’s third, and potentially most exciting operational area, big data-driven payment analytics. The ability to map and understand the purchasing habits of consumers is something which is of inestimable value to anyone trying to make or market a product, and the kind of robust data that can be mined along the way towards implementing a payment industry-wide architectural upgrade, will help make analytics companies like ALYI into some of the biggest names on the lips of retailers.

With a sweeping suite of solutions for the analytics space already in the hopper and its sights set squarely on markets that are ripe for penetration, ALYI, which expects to have offices in Brazil and Mexico by the end of 2016, is intent on providing the financial services/banking sector with the tools needed to serve massive populations of underbanked and unbanked throughout Latin America. According to recent World Bank data, roughly 34 percent of the entire population of Latin America, around 200 million adults, remain unbanked. ALYI’s visionary fusion of capabilities, spanning analytics, digital commerce and payments, collectively make the company a very exciting property when it comes to the seemingly inevitable consolidation of technology and transactional forces now aligning themselves across both U.S. and Latin American markets.

The rise of mcommerce, which will supercharge the mobile services market, pushing it from $300 billion last year, to around $850 billion by 2018 (Digi-Capital), has the capacity to lift boats like ALYI to levels not yet imagined. The kinds of revolutionary payment technology, fintech and analytics solutions the company provides could become tomorrow’s go-to solutions, as the need for convenience and process optimization continues to shape the world of transactions.

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