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Prem Ratan Dhan Payo Bollywood Movie

Prem Ratan Dhan Payo Movie Review

Prem Ratan Dhan Payo is fully drama based movie which along with drama also contains comedy at wide range. The task of directing this wonderful movie is completed by Sooraj R. Barjatya of two well known directors who are named as Ajit Kumar Barjatya and Kamal Kumar Barjatya. The whole story of the movie is in reality based on the love letter which depicts the true emotions of a lover for his beloved. There is no doubt in this fact that Prem Ratan Dhan Payo aspires to be a great film. The story of the movie begins at the note when the hero of the movie who is named as Prem / Vijay who acts as a brilliant con man falls in love with a lady who is named as Maithili.

The romance of these lovers in the movie is depicted by the director in very nice manner due to which this movie is going to appreciate by young viewers mainly. The look of the movie is intoxicating. Along with this it is also reality that every shot of the movie enjoys the full crispy touch which is clear in every way. All the characters of the movie use to play an important role and them all are affecting their environment at wider range. It is also fact that the movie is not as cool as it looks. The role played by Nicky feels more than Iris Elba type. This movie is going to release in the theaters of USA on 27 November of this year. This movie covers the time period of 124 min while running.

The hero in the movie remains busy in the task of teaching some criminal activities to the lady. However while this it is also true that both develops some liking and soft corner for each other. But with the passage of time all things start to fall apart. In the whole movie the hero remain busy in performing and doing criminal acts with the help of his partner. All these things he normally does to get good money only. Actually in the movie for the hero money is every thing. He uses to pay more importance to money in comparison to relations. In reality his sufferings in the life compel him to do such acts in the life. While watching movie viewers will get a chance to see such difficult acts which are performed by the heroine in a heroic way. Smith acts as a central figure in the movie that remains busy in the movie while exploring some criminal tasks.

He uses to pay more importance to money in comparison to relations. In reality his sufferings in the life compel him to do such acts in the life. In this movie viewers will see that how a lady is performing some daring acts easily. In the movie due to their acts both hero and heroine are compelled to move towards their fatal in the end. His lust for money and his greediness to possess more and more compels him to do such foolish acts. Hero in the movie use to pay importance to money in comparison to personal relations. Due to his this tendency in the life no doubt he has to pay a lot in the end.