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Helpful Home Selling Infomation from the Burnett Real Estate Group of Keller Williams

Selling a home is one of the most important financial transactions you will make in your life. When selling a home it is important to have as much knowledge about the process and market as possible or it could end up costing you thousands of dollars. The Burnett Real Estate Group is comprised of knowledgeable Real Estate Agents in the Nashville area that are consistently one of the top real estate teams in their area. This is critical when choosing an agent to sell your home you want to make sure you select someone that is familiar with the market.

With Matt and Martie Burnett’s years of experience in the real estate market they have obtained a plethora of wisdom to lead sellers down the right path to assist in this financial decision. Over the years changes have taken place on how to market a home for sale to reach buyers. Matt and Martie have stayed ahead of the curve with their extensive marketing strategy to reach more potential buyers throughout the United States not just in and around Nashville. Rest assured that when you choose to work with The Burnett Real Estate Group you are choosing to list your home for sale with a team of true Real Estate experts.

Here are a few things The Burnett Real Estate Group recommends sellers to be aware of to get the most value out of your home.

  • The “true value” of your home is what a buyer is willing to pay for the property at the time of sale. This often times has nothing to do with what you paid for the home. Over or under pricing your home can detract buyers from considering or even seeing it. Today many buyers are using online real estate tools to view properties. If your home is out of their price range they may not even see the home even if you were planning on reducing during negotiations.
  • Getting the best price for your home can often take time and work. Homeowners who have lived in their home for an extended period can become immune to the little things that may be unappealing to buyers. Matt and Martie can provide an objective view of your home and point out the things that can be altered on your own or at a low cost that could make your home value ROI improve.
  • A neutral home is more appealing to larger audiences. When you put your home on the market the goal is to create an environment that potential buyers can see themselves living in. Do your best to pack away things that are specific to your family and may not appeal to buyers. Keep the space free from clutter so the buyers can envision their things I the home.
  • Keep up a great outside appearance. To a lot of people who are considering your home it is one of many on a list. Some buyers will even do a drive by of the properties to eliminate some. It is important that your home looks great from the road so yours is not eliminated.
  • Negotiations are a “give and take”. Remember there are two parties needed to complete the sale of your home. Just like you and your agent are looking to get the best deal for you, the same goes for the buyers. Our agents can help you with this process to ensure everyone is happy and you are not giving up to much.

At The Burnett Real Estate Group we really can help you through the process of selling your home. We take our clients satisfaction very seriously and would look forward to working with you.

Call us today at 615-431-9802615-431-9802 and discuss how we can help you with your home sale.