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Book Your Motorcycle Tour and Explore Venice to Istanbul Motorcycle Tour

16 days and 1,700 miles of riding in Turkey, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Albania, Greece and Montenegro

What an amazing way to see Venice and explore Istanbul. This Motorcycle Tour through Italy to Istanbul explores Turkey, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Albania, Greece and Montenegro.

Tour Description

The Italy to Istanbul Motorcycle Tour will be entirely routed on paved roads. Any unpaved road will be optional. This tour is well suited for couples along with single riders. Over the course of the 1,700 miles the pace will vary and intentionally moderate and on some days, so riders can relax providing riders the option of extended rides or to take in the multitude of cultural and historical highlights along the way. This would not be characterized as a challenging yet it is intended for experienced riders.

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MotoDiscovery has been operating tours in Turkey for over a decade. Over the years many of our riders have become fond of our returns to the city of Istanbul and everything it has to offer.

This motorcycle tour starts in Venice, Italy. Venice offers a magnificent romantic environment with this legendary canalled city. Once on the road, this Tour will cruise through the Italian Alps and cross into the little relaxing country of Slovenia. Riders will make their way to the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia where you can relax and enjoy a leisurely lunch at a seaside café along with exploring centuries old castles. Montenegro is often referred to as the Pearl of the Mediterranean. Visually riding your motorcycle and discovering hidden European gems where from the seat of your ride. You will discover incredible panoramas of the blue waters of the Adriatic. As the tour continues we will ride inland through Albania, Macedonia. Greece is added to this freshly designed routing highlighted with two nights in Athens. The tour ends in Istanbul where you will be able to enjoy a much wanted extended holiday for a few nights.

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