Bulverde 11/14/2015 4:54:00 PM
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Mexico Motorcycle Tour La Ruta Aventura Is A Favorite of MotoDiscovery Guests

Are you looking for a great Motorcycle Tour in Mexico for either a group or couple? La Ruta Aventura has been a favorite of MotoDiscovery guests. This 11 day 1500 mile adventure will take you to the heart of the Sierra Madres. While this ride is not designed for novice riders, expert skills are not necessary either. Anything that is truly considered “technical” will come in brief and short distances. If you have ridden the Continental Divide this tour will be fine for you. The tour will be a mix of paved road touring as well as more challenging unpaved rural routes.

We have been riding through the Sierra Madres since the inception of MotoDiscovery over 30 years ago. After all these years of riding the area we still consider this the most rewarding areas to ride in the Americas. Much like our Copper Canyon Expedition, La Ruta Aventura includes crossing the tranquil waters of the Sea of Cortez to the Baja.

A highlight for many riders on this Motorcycle Tour is the encounter with the reclusive Tarahumara Indians. This is a primitive tribe that often times lives out of caves. The tribe well known in cross country foot races like in Telluride, Colorado. They consistently sweep the competition wearing nothing more than their traditional loin clothes and handmade sandals of leather and recycled car tires. Your encounter with this primitive tribe will surely be one of the great treasures of your journey.

The shores of the Sea of Cortez are a dramatic sight. This ride will combine these epic views with overnight stays in charming colonial villages such as Alamos or El Fuerte. From here we will board an overnight ferry to the Baja Peninsula. The Baja Peninsula is a playground. Here we will taste some of the best fish tacos you have had and ride mostly paved roads while giving you the opportunity to meander off the pavement. We will end the journey approaching the border and staying our final night in the developing wine region of Valle de Guadalupe in the rolling hills above Ensanada.

La Ruta Aventura is a perfect mix of adventure and culture. You can choose the motorcycle of your choice, however if you choose one of today’s larger machines we encourage that you know how to ride it. Call us today for more information on this popular Mexican Motorcycle Tour. 800-233-0564