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Global Motorcycle Tours From MotoDiscovery Don’t Miss Out In 2016

Calling all Motorcycle Touring Enthusiasts, Adventure Travelers, and Those looking to start Motorcycle Touring. For over 30 years MotoDiscovery has been the best in Motorcycle Tours all over the globe. We have conquered Mexico, South America, Europe, and everywhere else we have been. 2016 is going to be no different. We have added some tours and changed some rides up this year just to keep our adventure spirit alive. If you have always wanted to explore the globe on a motorcycle, but have never actually done it, don’t let 2016 be another year of “what might have been”. MotoDiscovery has something for everyone this coming year. Don’t let your skill level, availability, or destination hold you back. In 2016 we have it all.

We have been eyeing the Southeastern Country of Myanmar ever since it held free elections and democracy began in 2011. Now with the Myanmar Golden Pagoda Tour the wait is over. We are starting the year off with this trip. From January 7th thru the 21st we will be riding through this country once known as Burma. This is a trip that is for those who love to be the first. You will be one of the first few riders to ride through this Asian gem on the Golden Pagoda Motorcycle Tour. The tour both begins and ends in the country so we will have maximum cultural saturation. The ride will be primarily on smooth paved roads with the occasional dirt and broken pavement. For a full description on this tour click here. Golden Pagoda Motorcycle Tour.

The Trans Amazonian Challenge is not until later in the year but for those looking for a longer South American Ride you will want to book soon. This is a favorite and spots fill up fast. The Trans Amazonian Challenge is a 52 day long expedition tour. We will traverse through the Amazonian Basin and visit 8 countries throughout our ride. The event in for experienced touring enthusiasts who can demonstrate off road riding experience. Physical conditioning and the social qualities that allow you to be a good team member are crucial for this ride. Don’t miss out on this 9,000 mile expedition coming in August of 2016. Full details here. Trans Amazonian Challenge Motorcycle Tour

Of course these are not the only rides in 2016. The progression in relations between the U.S. and Cuba are going to make any of our 4 Cuba Motorcycle better than they have been before. These rides are always a great mix of music, dance, cigars, and rum and a great experience each and every time.

After 34 years of operating Motorcycle Tours in Mexico it kind of feels like our second home. In 2016 we have managed to take all our experience in the country and still spice things up a bit. For a full list of MotoDiscovery 2016 Motorcycle Tours click here. Motorcycle Tours

Finally if you have not yet had the chance to experience Motorcycle Tours to their fullest because you think you skills might not be quite up to par there is always the PURE Moab and Training Events. These are not your typical classroom style trainings. We do classroom training combined with touring and practical application in Moab throughout the year. Here you can learn new skills and put them immediately to work in one of the most beautiful places in the Southwest.

Call MotoDiscovery today to learn more about our 2016 offerings. 800-233-0564