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Ride Cuba in 2016 With One Of These Great Cuba Motorcycle Tours From MotoDiscovery

MotoDiscovery the pioneers of motorcycle tours around the globe has been a frequent visitor to the island of Cuba. With its iconic culture, world class dining, lively dance and music scene, and of course rum and cigars Cuba has been a favorite destination for MotoDiscovery and our guests for years. 2016 is going to be a great year for our Cuba Motorcycle Tours. With the U.S. and Cuba Restoring Diplomatic relations in 2015 you know the country will be flooded with new tourists. MotoDiscovery however has been operating tours to the country for years and will be able to show our guests the country with years of experience and knowledge of the area. We have a number of different tours to choose from.

Santiago to Havana Cuba Motorcycle Tour. March 18th we will be heading to Cuba for the Santiago to Havana Tour. This is a 13 day 900 mile ride is quite possibly our most comprehensive tour of Cuba. We begin on the far eastern edge of the island in Santiago and head West across the island ending in the port city of Havana. This tour consists of riding on primarily paved roads and is easily navigated by most riders with some touring experience. For more information on this tour click here. Santiago to Havana Motorcycle Tour

Cuba 12 Day Motorcycle Tour. This 12 day tour will consist of 900 miles of riding through Havana, Bay of Pigs, Trinidad, Camaguey, Cayo Coco, Santa Clara, and Cienfuegos. Another tour primarily on paved roads the 12 day tour is very moderately paced and gives tourists plenty of time to engage the Cuban culture. Click here for full information. Cuba 12 day Motorcycle Tour

Cuba 7 Day Motorcycle Tour. This is a brand new tour to the MotoDiscovery Cuba line-up. A shorter ride both in mileage and days the 7 day tour offers 4 different dates for any rider looking for a shorter getaway. This tour has lots of people to people encounters and will visit Havana, Vinales, and Las Terrazas. Click her for more information. Cuba 7 Day Motorcycle Tour

Havana to Santiago Motorcycle Tour. This is similar to the Santiago to Havana Tour but in reverse. We will ride through the Cuban countryside taking in both the Cuban people and culture. Everywhere we ride we are surrounded by music and dance which is central to Cuban lifestyle. View tour here Havana to Santiago Motorcycle Tour