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Affordable Medical Device Products and Repair Service Available Anywhere in US

BiTech Medical Corp is focused on providing excellent service to our customers in Georgia as well as across the nation. We strive to provide clients all over the country with the medical equipment they need along with repairs to existing medical devices. Here at BiTech Medical, we focus on nationwide medical device sales and repairs. BiTech Medical specializes in offering a variety of medical solutions that can help your business overcome everyday obstacles as well as some of the more serious, unforeseen ones.

BiTech Medical carries a wide range of medical device products to support the national medical device and service demand. We carry everything from surgical equipment to exam and diagnostic machines to suit a variety of budgets and needs. So as to increase value for our clients, our most popular products are offered at discount rates and you can always call in for more information on current promotions and custom options.

No matter where you are in the US, BiTech Medical is always happy to provide your facility with yearly service agreements on all your equipment ranging from exam tables to X-Ray machines. BiTech Medical is a proud supporter of hospitals and all medical center departments such as OB/GYN, Adult, Pediatric, and Dental. We allow ease of mind as a one stop shop service provider who provides the entire US with nationwide medical device products and services.

BiTech Medical abides to all Federal regulations with a commitment to quality that goes beyond simple claims of excellence. In the medical industry, time is of the essence every time. So when other providers cannot furnish high-quality replacement parts we supply loaner equipment for your emergency situations.