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Be One Of The First To Ride Myanmar With The MotoDiscovery Golden Pagoda Motorcycle Tour

We at MotoDiscovery have been eyeing the country of Myanmar for quite some time as a possible destination for one of our epic motorcycle tours. Ever since 2011 when the country held free elections we have been wanting to pioneer this corner of the planet. Now that political tensions have softened we are offering our first “recon” trip to the area. This tour takes place completely in country so we are able to achieve the most in cultural saturation. The ride will be generally mild terrain consisting of rolling mountain ranges and verdant agricultural valleys and primarily be on paved roads. The traffic in Myanmar rides on the right side of the road and is generally civilized. This “recon” ride is limited to 8 participants so interested riders need to book soon. If you can make the trip January 7th- January 21st call MotoDiscovery today.

If you are someone who likes the thrill and adventure of being the first to ride different regions the Myanmar Golden Pagoda Motorcycle Tour is the trip for you. This trip fulfills the MotoDiscovery adventure spirit and our approach to seek the unique and unusual. The Golden Pagoda Tour will invite you to experience Myanmar during this time of social awakening before it is discovered by the masses.

The tour begin in the city of Yangon, formerly known as Rangoon. This is a city that has lived years with overcrowding and deterioration. However the city is experiencing the beginning and young stages of capitalism. Locals take to the streets in the evenings and the city comes alive with pop-up markets, tea shops, and restaurants. The evenings provide a break from the blistering heat throughout the day. In the evenings you see the locals enjoying the new found freedom to be outside and congregate. Here you will see locals experiencing the early stages of freedom that westerners have always enjoyed. After an evening in Yangon we begin our trip, traveling north and west, up the Ayeyarwady River Basin. Here we will ride along verdant field and rolling teak forests passing roadside villages that are vibrant, active, and colorful.

The tour name comes from the predominant Buddhist philosophy throughout the region. Golden Pagodas gleam atop the hillsides and ridges and provide excellent scenery. The Spires of the pagodas shine high above the forest treetops. The people in the region are generally reserved but very kind. Should we need anything the locals will usually go out of their way to help us.

The team for this tour is comprised of local guide and drivers as well as an experienced staff of mechanics from abroad. The bikes are meticulously maintained and in tip top shape. While this ride may not be for everyone, it is for those who want a true adventure. If you have the “up for anything’ attitude you will flourish on the Golden Pagoda Motorcycle Tour. Don’t let the opportunity to be one of the first to ride Myanmar pass you by. Call MotoDiscovery today to book your spot. 800-233-0564