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Simple Cleaning Tips From The Pros

Let’s be honest: Most people hate cleaning. Its time consuming, tedious, and can be expensive. No one likes to be sore and sweaty after cleaning their home from top to bottom, so we have decided to help make your cleaning chores go down a bit easier. The tips below have been passed down from generation to generation of professional home cleaners and we hope that you can put them to good use and cut back on your cleaning time.

When it comes to keeping your home prim and proper why not clean as you go? In other words, doing a little brush up maintenance here and there as soon as you see some dirt or grime, say, in your washroom, will cut back on your overall cleaning time significantly. Tackling problems when they’re small will eliminate dirt and grime buildup, which will take that much more elbow grease to remove in due time.

Another way to reduce clutter and overall cleaning time around the house is to set-up a 10 minute tidy-up rule. For instance, once a day at a designated time, every member of your household would be required to stop whatever it is they’re doing and spend 10 minutes tidying up the room that they’re in. The end result is a far tidier home, with only about an hour a week spent cleaning with your family.

You can also reduce clutter, and do your part for the environment, by turning your home into a paperless environment. Paper is notorious for creating unwanted clutter in the home, so why not switch over all your bills, magazines, and the like to a paperless, electronic form? For instance, you can subscribe to your favorite magazines online and read them from an e-reader or tablet. You can check your bank statements and pay your bills online instead of getting bank statements and bills in the mail. However, if you must use paper, then buy a magazine rack to place papered items to cut back on clutter.

Also, taking the time to make the bed will go a long way in the end. That is, making the bed only takes 5 minutes and will make your entire bedroom look that much nicer. Also, making the bed first thing in the morning will set the tone for the rest of the day as you go about your business, motivating you to keep the rest of your home as tidy in the process.

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