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Get The Best In Medical Equipment Sales and Service From Bitech Medical

There are many medical equipment companies these days, all offering product, but falling short on service and repair.  That is except for one particular company, BiTech Medical Sales & Service.  BiTech Medical not only offers a premier product line, but they have skillful professional technicians and engineers, which allow them to not only sell, but service numerous medical devices in the industry.  This is a company that is meticulous about their service, and they do everything in their power to ensure each customer is fully satisfied with their performance.  We have found that out of the few other medical companies offering service and repair, BiTech Medical is the only one that understands the urgency of medical facilities having these prudent devices up and running correctly, in a timely manner. 

Medical professionals can find ease in contacting BiTech Medical for their service requests, because in most cases, a technician will be onsite the very next day, if not the same day.  When a device is in need of repair, time is of the essence. It is typical for other service companies to delay a customer’s request for days, which can cause conflicts with all the pre-scheduled appointments each facility may have.  That is an area that BiTech Medical stands above the rest. Not only does BiTech Medical have their own technicians, who receive on-going training to stay up to date with the most current medical equipment, but they also have long standing & trustworthy relationships with contracting engineers, whom all specialize in a mixture of key areas.  This capability allows BiTech Medical to be a “one stop shop”, and offers each customer several options for each service & repair request they receive.

Whether a customer is contacting BiTech Medical regarding one of their own many branded devices, or another manufacturer device, their technicians and engineers are always ready and prepared for dispatch, and stay in contact with BiTech Medical’s home office throughout their service call.  Their administrative staff, sales, management & technical departments all work closely together to ensure each customer receives the same level of service, regardless if it’s the customer’s first call or their twentieth call.  If you are in need of any standard servicing, or emergency repairs, please contact BiTech Medical Sales & Service directly by visiting www.bitechmedical.com and allow them to show you their outstanding service, which makes them such an incomparable medical service company.