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Book a 2016 Motorcycle Tour With MotoDiscovery For An Adventure To Remember

The MotoDiscovery story began back in 1982. We combined A love for motorcycle touring with a yearning desire to explore exotic lands and cultures gave us the idea to operate a few motorcycle tours a year to Mexico. Having visited south of the border many times we knew that combining our two loves was a no brainer and a great way to share our experiences with other adventurists. The first tour happened and was a great success. At that moment Pancho Villa Motorcycle Tours (later becoming MotoDiscovery) was born.


After a few tours throughout different parts of Mexico our adventure spirit began to want more. If the Mexico Motorcycle Tours were such a success what was stopping us from branching out, traveling further, and exploring more remote destinations? The answer was nothing. We began to pick out locations across the globe that we loved and wanted to see more of and began operating tours all over. The idea that we don’t lead tours, but we facilitate your adventures became our mantra and we take that serious to this very day. With over 30 years of traveling the globe on Motorcycle Tours we have been to some of the most remote places on the planet, seen the world’s best cultural and historical landmarks, and met people from every walk of life. While the company began with the idea of operating motorcycle tours through Colonial Mexico, which we did, our thirst for adventure and travel continued to grow. We felt that if we could operate motorcycle tours here why not the rest of the world. Since 1981 we have been all over. From the highest motorable pass In The Himalayas, to The Islamic Republic of Iran and even Cuba. Through our travels we have experienced a far different world and culture than most vacationers could ever dream of. Our passion has not wavered throughout this process. We are constantly looking for the next great adventure in Motorcycle Touring. As our adventures continue so does our passion to out do the last one.

Are you wanting to experience our world of adventure touring? We would love to have you. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced rider that loves to spend your time off road, or if you are someone who would like to gain experience in both motorcycle riding and culture. Motodiscovery has the tour and training for you. We even offer custom tours to groups. Do you have an idea of a place to tour? Call Motodiscovery and let us organize the trip for you and your crew. You will find that we offer the best in client experience and have a true passion for what we do.

Call Motodiscovery today to find out about any of our Motorcycle Tours or Training. 800-233-0564