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Have A Once In A Lifetime Experience When You Ride Through Ladakh and The Himalayas With MotoDiscovery

What’s your personal “claim to fame” or your “once in a lifetime experience”? If you are having trouble coming up with one MotoDiscovery can change that for you in 2016. We have two motorcycle tours to one of the most epic places on the planet. The Himalayas. Our Ladakh High Himalayan Motorcycle Tour will ride through the highest motorable pass in the world. Whether you had one before or not, this is your new “once in a lifetime” experience. If you love adventure, are a free spirit, and are looking for a challenge in your next motorcycle tour, The Ladakh High Himalayan Motorcycle Tour from MotoDiscovery is just for you.

The Motorcycle Tour to Ladakh is a stretch of stunning and endless natural beauty. Climb one of the most remote corners of the Himalayas towards Leh and encounter Tibetan Buddhist temples, monasteries and monuments. This will be the start of our camping adventure as population dwindles. 

The late Patrick Moffat, one of the earliest pioneers of this route, who first introduced us to this hardly explored region also reared and inspired the MotoDiscovery Staff so you are being led by the best, most experienced guides possible. The bikes that will carry you over the mountains, Royal Enfield 500cc Bullets, are the most reliable and freshest you will find in India. 

Put the MotoDiscovery Ladakh High Himalayas Expedition, a once in a lifetime travel experience at the top of your Bucket List. While similar tours claim to cost less you get more out of our presentation with style, comfort and inclusiveness. Visit MotoDiscovery to get the ride of a lifetime, or call 800-233-0564 for details, pricing and booking.