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How to Choose the Best Mortgage Lender in Mount Pleasant and West Ashley South Carolina

Best Mortgage Lender Mount Pleasant and West Ashley South Carolina Homefront Mortgages

Traditionally, getting a home loan in Mount Pleasant South Carolina was as simple as going to a bank and applying for a mortgage.  However, today with the new mortgage lending rules and the wide variety of mortgage products, getting a loan is not so straight forward.

Mortgages lenders vary as widely as mortgage products.  Your local bank has only the home loan products  that specific lender feels comfortable lending in their portfolio.  Some banks will take more of a perceived risk by charging additional interest for a credit challenged borrower.  Other banks will not offer a loan at all.  Additionally, there are non-standard banks that offer a whole array of mortgage loan products for a wide variety of borrower situations.  So examples would be No Money Down VA or USDA loans, FHA low money down loans, or Rehabilitation Loans. Your local bank may not offer these programs to an applicant if the bank doesn’t offer the program in house.

So how do you find the right mortgage product for your current situation?

The simplest and most direct way is to let professional mortgage brokers like Homefront Mortgages do the shopping and comparison for you.

Homefront Mortgages offers a free consultation to find the best loan for you. They disclose all fees and costs of any mortgage upfront so you know exactly what your mortgage will cost and what you will be charged.

“We actually pride ourselves in showing our clients the computer screen so they can see all of the different products and prices”, says Michelle Denton, principal broker Homefront Mortgages. “Much of the time we can actually get credit from the lender for a large portion of the closing cost of a loan.  There is no obligation to have us look for you.”

Homefront Mortgages has been serving the Mount Pleasant, West Ashley and the entire Chalerston South Carolina Tri-County area for more than 8 Years.  Whether you live in Berkley, Dorchester or Charleston County, Homefront Mortgages is there to help you. 

Contact Homefront Mortgages today and let them help you find the right mortgage lender and home loan.

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