Tokyo 12/3/2015 2:56:16 PM
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Ephraim Global’ Full Tables Program Announces More Than $1 Million In Grants

Ephraim Global, the Tokyo-based asset management company, has announced today that it has exceeded its contributions goal of $800,000 for its Full Tables program and will donate the proceeds to local food banks and humanitarian organizations in south and south-east Asia. The grants will be used to deliver proper nutrient-rich meals to children and families living in impoverished communities in 11 cities across 5 different countries.

These grants are the latest step in Ephraim Global’ 3rd edition of its Full Tables charitable program which seeks to deliver thousands of meals each year to children and families living in destitute communities, bringing together international partners and local nonprofit organizations in order to establish a connected network of nutritious food, safe playgrounds and health education for children in need. 

“For three years we have concentrated our community efforts on making a positive mark on children’s health in an attempt to assist them reach their full potential” said Caleb Gotch, Senior Vice President at Ephraim Global. “The Full Tables program is the method by which we offer children the healthy start they require for continuous long-term achievements, and we are equally proud of the fact that many of our employees have volunteered their time to assist food banks and NGOs in delivering on our promise”.
Across south and south-east Asia child hunger is a critical issue, with nearly 18 million children lacking consistent access to minimal quantities of nutritious food sources necessary for a healthy life and a suitable mental and physical development. The Ephraim Global Full Tables program seeks to combat this phenomenon at a local level alongside its partners and local authorities and institutions, reducing the levels of social inequality and the occurrence of health related issues.  

“We are very thankful for the support we have received from both our partners as well as our extended network of philanthropists that have contributed to our work. Nutrition insecurity and hunger are very serious issues that many children are facing at this very moment and it is our responsibility to counteract such occurrences and to give the leaders of tomorrow the chance to a decent lifestyle”.        

About Ephraim Global

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