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Myanmar Golden Pagoda Motorcycle Tour Is Finally Here

Myanmar is a country that has been off limits to outside travelers for decades. That embargo alone has made it a spot that has been on the MotoDiscovery Radar for years. Now it is shifting from a desire we have had to an actual event that is coming soon. January 7th of 2016 we will no longer be waiting to explore this reclusive land. We are heading on a 15 day and 1,250 mile ride throughout the country of Myanmar. The Golden Pagoda Motorcycle Tour is the first of its kind for MotoDiscovery and for any motorcycle enthusiast that has the adventure spirit this is one ride that you don’t want to miss. Be one of the first tourists to visit this land in what seems like a lifetime, and do so in style with the MotoDiscovery Golden Pagoda Motorcycle Tour.

This Motorcycle Tour is a true recon event. While we have a pretty good idea of what we will be seeing, and where we are going, you will be experiencing the full tour for the first time with us. Riders with an “up for anything” attitude will do very well on this tour. We only have one date set so far so don’t wait to book and end up missing out. We are only able to take a select number of riders on this trip. Come be the first to ride Myanmar with MotoDiscovery.

The entirety of this motorcycle tour will take place in country. 15 days and over 1,250 miles of traveling through Myanmar allows this trip to provide maximum riding and cultural saturation. Travelers can expect a generally mild terrain ranging from agricultural valleys to rolling forest hills and wide river valleys. The trip will consist of primarily paved road riding with the occasional dirt and broken pavement. While hotel accommodations are generally excellent with one or two nights of best available, basic but clean lodging. 

If you enjoy traveling outside the box the Myanmar Golden Pagoda Motorcycle Tour is perfect for you. The trip will begin in the hustle and bustle of Yangon which was formerly Rangoon. This will be a cultural experience for everyone involved. Locals take to the streets at night while the city comes alive with pop-up markets, restaurants, and tea shops. Families get together to enjoy the cooler temperatures after a day of blistering daytime heat. From the city of Yangon we will head North and West toward the Ayeyarwady River Basin. This portion of the trip is littered with verdant fields, rolling teak forests, and active and colorful villages. 

The predominant life philosophy throughout the country is Buddhism, although Islam, Christianity, and Hinduism also flourish throughout Myanmar. Throughout the trip you will see the golden pagodas that gleam atop hillsides and ridges with their spires shining above treetops and forests. The warm yet reserved people of Myanmar will go out of their way to help with anything you need.

If you wait too long you will miss out on this opportunity. Call MotoDiscovery today to reserve your spot.