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Air Purifier Sale From US Air Purifiers Extended Due to Popular Demand

US Air Purifiers, a leading supplier of high-quality residential and commercial air purifiers, is pleased to announce that it will be continuing its Black Friday coupon promotion due to popular demand. The promotion has seen positive response from customers across the board and offers an excellent value for those interested in a new air purifier.

The coupon special, which originally was scheduled to run from Wednesday, November 25th until Tuesday, December 1st, has now been extended through December 20th. As before, all residential and commercial air purifiers qualify to receive the bonus coupon, as does the Foobot home air quality monitor. Customers who purchase these qualifying items will receive a special coupon code good for $50 off of any future purchase. To make use of the code, just enter it in the “comments” section on usairpurifiers.com at checkout when making a future purchase, and $50 will be removed from the total.

This promotion offers customers a great way to save money on filters for a new air purifier, humidifiers for the winter months or even a second small air purifier for an office, bedroom or dorm room. Customers who earn the coupon by purchasing a Foobot system can also use it for whatever air purifier they may decide to purchase once they have had a chance to analyze the quality of the air in their homes. The choice of how to spend it is entirely up to the individual customer, but $50 can go a long way toward improving the air quality and comfort of a home.

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