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Knowing When The Right Time To Sell Your Fort Mill Home

Of course everyone is unsure of when the right time to sell their home is, but Century 21 First Choice is the experts when it comes to selling your Fort Mill home. Statistics show us in the past 25 years, prices fell only six times in March and rose only seven times in September. There is a reason for this. When you hit the end of spring or summer, people have seen the market appreciate. Instead of listing a home where they would in early spring, they price higher and the market slows down. They have to reduce prices and the market picks up. Based on CoreLogic numbers alone, the best time to sell is July. Prices are still going up, though not at the same rate as in spring. Not everyone agrees.

Typically the best time to sell is in the spring or autumn. There is more competition from other sellers but the increase in demand makes up for the competition and beyond. As spring goes on, there is a little bit of a shift. Either buyers are getting a little bit worn out, or there is usually a little bit of an accumulation of inventory and not everything sells, although in this market you could argue there’s not a bad month to sell. The best month to sell also depends on the type of house. Many people like selling in spring because it’s when their garden looks best, but if you have a beautiful backyard with a pool, summer might be better. A big formal house could be easier to sell in September or October because the dining room becomes a much bigger factor as people start thinking about the holidays.

Although this seasonal trend could affect selling prices Century 21 First Choice is on top of the Fort Mill market and are the experts to assisting you in any month you are ready to sell. Our team is knowledgeable in the ever changing market this is why with our unique marketing plan we can guarantee the right time is now!

Unsure if you are ready to sell your Fort Mill Home? Let the real estate professionals at Century 21 First Choice ease your mind. Call us today at 803-548-3551