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2016 Trans Amazonian Challenge Motorcycle Tour From MotoDiscovery

The Trans Amazonian Challenge from MotoDiscovery is one of the most intense and exciting experiences you can have on to wheels. This 52 day tour will cover over 9,000 miles through 8 different countries. The great Amazonian basin provides with some of the best motorcycle riding and picturesque scenery anywhere on the planet. When you ride with MotoDiscovery you know you are riding with the most experienced and best in class motorcycle tour operators anywhere in the world. MotoDiscovery has over 30 years of experience operating tours and traveling the globe with our guests. When you choose MotoDiscovery you know you are in for a once in a lifetime experience.

The Trans Amazonian Challenge will travel through the countries of Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, French Guiana, Suriname, Guyana, and Venezuela. The length and challenge of this tour makes it designed only for adventure touring enthusiasts. Riders should be able to demonstrate above average off road riding experience and physical conditioning. As you can imagine 52 days of riding is not for the faint of heart. Riders should also have the ability to work in a group to accomplish the goal of completing the ride.

When it comes to the Trans Amazonian Challenge guests can literally expect it all. Mud, Dirt, Rain, Forest tracks to mountain crossings, boat crossings, and beautifully paved roads. We will be sticking to our long time core values of mixing in historic and cultural destinations, wildlife, and incredible scenery.

This is a true recon event. If you are the adventurer that likes to blaze new paths and be the first to experience adventures the Trans Amazonian Challenge is for you. Riding in this type of adventure style means it is teamwork and flexibility are paramount to the journey. Basically you can expect this ride is going to through us a few curves here and there so you better be ready for them. If predictability is what you strive for this is not the ride for you.

We are going off the beaten path on this one. Most travelers do not visit the Dutch speaking country of Suriname or neighboring French Guiana. Both of these are part of this adventure. So while the crowds of people are making their way to the Southern tip of the continent or enduring Patagonia you can be a pioneer and a member of the Trans Amazonian Challenge Team.

The Trans Amazonian challenge is the pinnacle of motorcycle tours and we are limiting the number of riders to 10. So don’t let this opportunity pass you by. If you are available to ride starting in the middle of August 2016 call MotoDiscovery to book your spot.