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Chile and Argentina Motorcycle Tour From MotoDiscovery 2016

The Patagonia is a legendary spot that all adventure travelers and motorcycle touring enthusiasts should experience at least once. With pristine scenery and great riding conditions this is an area that should be on your bucket list. MotoDiscovery is once again riding the Patagonia with our 2016 Patagonia Expedition to Tierra del Fuego Motorcycle Tour. Beginning on February 29th we will cover 1,900 miles in 17 days as we head to the southern most tip of the South American mainland.

The Patagonia Expedition to Tierra del Fuego is considered a high adventure tour. About 30 % of the roads we travel are unpaved however they do not present a high level of challenge for experienced touring enthusiasts. While this is labeled as an “adventure Tour”, MotoDiscovery does it in style. We offer great accommodations and fine dining throughout the tour.

Your journey begins by flying into the foothills of the Andes to San Carlos deBariloche. We recommend you take a layover in either coming or going in Buenos Aires so you can experience this iconic city. Your can rely on MotoDiscovery to facilitate your needs while in the city. We stage the bikes for you in an alpine village called Bariloche. From there we will weave in and out of cities in Chile as we ride to the quaint island of Chiloe, the Fjordlands, and the Carratera Austral. Then we are on to the wide open spaces of the Patagonia.

As you ride through the Patagonia you will quickly see what all the hype is about. From jagged peaks to massive glaciers and even the Straits of Magellan. We will cap of the trip at the beautiful archipelago of Tierra del Fuego. A well-earned celebration will be had prior to heading back home.

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