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Motorcycle Tour in Cuba With The MotoDiscovery Cuba 7 Day Tour

Do you want to experience the country of Cuba on a Motorcycle Tour but don’t have the time to make an extended visit? MotoDiscovery has the perfect Motorcycle Tour for you. Our Cuba 7 day tour is perfect for adventure travelers who want the cultural experience of Cuba but can’t commit to the longer trips. The 7 day tour is packed full of culture, riding, sightseeing, and people to people interactions that will give you a feel for what Cuban tradition is all about.

We currently have (4) Cuba 7 day tours scheduled. Beginning by bringing in the 2016 new year and continuing throughout the spring. These tours are relaxing rides that can be easily navigated by any experienced touring enthusiasts. The route is primarily on paved roads with the occasional upaved sections and areas in need of maintenance. This is not a tour where we are always on the road, the pace is very moderate allowing us tie to take in the sights and sounds of this vibrant country.

We will arrive and depart the tour in the vivacious city of Havana. For those who have never visited the city before you are in for a real treat. The colorful people, bold colors, and fantastic food is something we will not be missing. After a little time in Havana we will depart and head to the far west to the province of Pinar del Rio. This area is the center of tobacco production in the country. While in this region we will visit a legendary tobacco farm that is considered to produce the finest leaves in the country. Here you will see why the legendary “Cuban Cigar” is a hot export for the country.

Everywhere we go on this tour we are surrounded by music and dancing. The people of Cuba have been living with these as a staple of life forever. It is impossible not to ride with a smile on your face in this type of environment and it is throughout the trip.

If you want to experience a Cuban Motorcycle Tour, but need to fit it around a busy schedule the Cuba 7 Day Tour from MotoDiscovery is perfect for you. Call us today to book your spot or get more information.