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MotoDiscovery Has 2 Motorcycle Tours To The Himalayas for 2016

MotoDiscovery, The premier operator of Motorcycle Tours around the world is heading to the Himalayas again in 2016. The Ladakh High Himalayan Expedition Motorcycle Tour is happening twice in July. We are starting 1 tour on July 9th and another tour on July 30th. If you have not rode the Himalayas with MotoDiscovery yet this is one trip you don’t want to miss. The 17 day tour covers 1,350 miles of riding in some of the most epic conditions anywhere on the planet. This tour has the distinction of riding on the highest motorable pass anywhere on the planet. When you get up that high the views are a once in a lifetime experience.

As you can imagine when you ride the highest motorable pass in the world the conditions will vary greatly. The Ladakh ride provides smooth asphalt surfaces as well as gravel and rocky textures with the occasional stream crossing. The High Himalayan Motorcycle Tour requires a certain amount of skill to be able to handle these conditions as well as the ability to be comfortable outdoors. This ride does include a couple nights of quality outfitted camping in some of the more remote regions.

Among the many surprises on this tour is the choice of bike. We will be riding the Royal Enfield 500cc Bullet. This is the perfect machine for this tour, even as we reach the highest peaks at 18,380 ft. The Royal Enfield does not skip a beat. While more and more companies are pushing us to ride bigger, more expensive machines the Bullet provides you with an experience that will have you reevaluating what is really necessary in a bike. In one word, your ride on this bike can be described as fun.

The ride itself provides our guests with mile after mile of stunning beauty and picturesque views. We will encounter Tibetan Buddhist temples, monasteries, and monuments as we climb the more remote regions towards Leh. As we continue the ride the local population becomes scarce. In these areas MotoDiscovery has you covered with some quality outfitted camping that will be different than you have ever experienced before.

The Ladakh High Himalayan Motorcycle Tour is the most complete motorcycle tour in the area. We provide our riders with bikes from the most quality fleet in the region. The MotoDiscovery Staff is the most experienced operators in the area and we are sure to provide you with a great experience.

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