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Book Your 2016 Motorcycle Tours With MotoDiscovery and Explore The World

Are you looking to make the new year the best year yet for travel and fun? If you are into adventure and culture, and love the freedom of riding motorcycles, MotoDiscovery has something for you. Since 1981 we have been operating some of the best motorcycle tours anywhere on the planet. Our tours have taken us to some of the most exotic and culturally diverse areas around the globe. Each of our motorcycle tours is a mix of motorcycle touring and cultural immersion. When you ride with MotoDiscovery you are choosing the best in service, experience, and amenities.

Our journey began with the simple idea of operating a few motorcycle tours a year to Mexico. After years of riding through Mexico on our own we decided that this was something we needed to share with everyone. We looked to educate people on what the country was really like and show them for themselves some of the great experiences we had. After a few years of successfully doing the Mexico tours our adventure itch came back to us. The question soon came about, why not expand our horizons and explore more than just the country of Mexico. This is where the MotoDiscovery business was really born. Now over 30 years later we are still pushing the limits on adventure travel and motorcycle touring.

Our 2016 lineup is brand new, and brings more adventure than ever before. 2016 will be the first year we ride the country of Myanmar, and you know we are excited for that. This reclusive country has only been opened to outside travelers for a short time. The guests of MotoDiscovery will be some of the first to ride Myanmar. The Myanmar Golden Pagoda Motorcycle Tour is just the beginning of our tours this year. We are once again going to the Islamic Republic of Iran, our Cuba lineup has more than it ever has before, and of course we have a variety of tours through the country where it all started, Mexico.

Make your 2016 great with a motorcycle tour from MotoDiscovery. Call us today to find out more about the different tour we offer.