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Motorcycle Tours to The Kingdom of Bhutan With MotoDiscovery

MotoDiscovery has another epic Motorcycle Tour coming in 2016. We are again going to the reclusive Kingdom of Bhutan. This is a country that people have hear of, but very few have ever had the opportunity to experience. The country has only been opened to outside travelers since the 1970’s. Traveling to Bhutan is a sort of time warp for most western tourists. Influences such as television and telephones are virtually unheard of. This is one of the reasons that MotoDiscovery finds this Tibetan Buddhist nation so appealing.

This tour begins in Dehli, India. Some of our guests choose to come in early for a little more time to explore this historical and cultural city. There is an optional overnight excursion to experience the wonder of the Taj-Mahal. If you have the time we highly suggest making this trip. From Dehli we take a short domestic flight to West Bengal. This is the area we stage for entry into Bhutan. After the usual border formalities, you will soon be crossing into the land of Thunder Dragon.

Nestled beneath the mighty Himalayas, this provide Bhutan with a geographical fortress from Tibetan China. There are magnificent views going out in every direction. The real gem of the Kingdom of Bhutan is the people who call the area home. They are extremely friendly ad welcoming to outsiders and deeply spiritual. Peace and Tranquility rule the land in Bhutan. They are so revered that the government has created a barometer for measuring what is referred to as GNH or Gross National Happiness. While not riding or interacting with the locals we will visit some of the areas more historically important attractions which usually revolve around religion and spirituality.

Like all MotoDiscovery motorcycle tours this is an experience that is authentic and unique. This tour provides our guests with lots of people to people interactions and gives you the opportunity to really take in the cultural of the Kingdom of Bhutan. If you have an adventure spirit and enjoy exploring the unexplored this tour is perfect for you. Call MotoDiscovery today to book your spot on the Thunder Dragon Tour.

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