Tokyo 12/15/2015 8:35:54 AM
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Increased Dividend Revenue Fund Changes Name To ‘Ephraim Global Regulated Volatility Fund’

Ephraim Global, the Tokyo-based asset management company, has announced today that the name of the Increased Dividend Revenue Funds has been changed to the Ephraim Global Secured Volatility Fund. Likewise, the Fund’s investment manager Mr. Scott Randelton will assume the role of portfolio manager and transfer his responsibilities to the new manager of the Fund, Mr. Yume Takihiro, effective immediately. The Fund’s goal will continue to be income and long term capital development.

According to Seth Mantell, Chief Investment Officer at Ephraim Global, “The Increased Dividend Revenue Fund was designed to generate performance in a less volatile way than conventional equity markets. Along the years, a considerable number of investors have commented – ‘you regulate volatility’, and the new name of the Fund reflects that. We consider that the Ephraim Global Regulated Volatility Fund name better conveys the method by which the Fund endeavors to achieve its goal and mitigate potential and unnecessary confusion”.

Scott Randelton, former manager of the Fund and currently part of its portfolio management team, commented: “With the Fund reaching its eight-year anniversary, we have taken into account the feedback that we have received from interacting with both shareholders and potential investors. While we initially intended for the name to focus on the dividend features of the equity selection procedure, it has led to a complicated manner of describing the fund, as a much larger part of the portfolio revenue has arrived from option premium rather than from dividends. From the beginning, the Fund has employed a risk adjusted approach that alleviates volatility”.

Ephraim Global considers that when the cost of stocks within the portfolio change, their dividends and interest revenue are coalesced with the premium created from option writing activity, the Fund can accomplish its goals with fewer downside deviations than conventional equity investment approaches, and as a result regulates volatility.

Mr. Mantell concluded: “We don’t intend to change the goals, approach or risks of the Fund; however, by including our name we do intend to prove our dedication to making the Fund’s future more successful than its first years”.          

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