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HinderRUST Gaining Momentum as a Leading Rust Inhibitor on the Market

A company known for its top of the line engine lubricant additive, Tufoil, Fluoramics Inc. is a recognized name in the automotive industry. The company now offers the best rust inhibitor on the market that is completely solvent-free and ideal for essential equipment.

Fluoramics Inc.'s new line of products offers car undercoating and corrosion stopper sprays that guarantee the ultimate protection. HinderRUST is the faultless solution to rust prevention, as well as mechanic lubrication. Having provided technical expertise to companies such as General Electric, Diversified Technologies and ITT; the president of Fluoramics, Inc. has developed HinderRUST to rise above the performance of several lubricants on the market. Frequently used on automotive vehicles and machinery, the anti-rust spray is a popular choice. The products also act as lubricants for essential gear such as guns, bikes, towing equipment and tire mounts.

HinderRUST takes a major step forward in the world of lubrication. The corrosion inhibitor has no solvents, and does not evaporate when applied to metal. HinderRUST does not contain animal byproducts, which eliminates all chances of lasting odors or pesky bugs.

The aerosol free product is sought after for its ease of transportation on airplanes, and a substantially lower shipping cost for consumers. HinderRUST can be used in confined spaces like trains and subways, offering an application for machines that are large and small. The corrosion preventer can also be used for buses, planes, trains and railroads in addition to tunnels and boat hulls.

HinderRUST's corrosion preventive and lubricative elements can also be applied to switch gears, drive chains, ball bearings and even submersible pumps. HinderRUST's unbeatable performance in a wide-range of applications has placed it as the first choice rust-preventative for many industries.

About HinderRUST

HinderRUST is the rust inhibitor that doesn't evaporate, making it ideal for anything from line machinery, packaging equipment to engines and anchors.