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Book Now For A 2016 Motorcycle Tour You Will Never Forget With MotoDiscovery

2016 is right around the corner, and the new year is a time that many couples make their vacation plans for the next year. Even when you are deep in the holiday season and spending time with your loved ones, don’t forget to take some time to take care of yourself as well. One way to set your 2016 year up to be a great one is by booking a Motorcycle Tour with MotoDiscovery. For over 30 years MotoDiscovery has been the first choice of motorcycle enthusiasts and adventure travelers when it comes to getting the best service and experience possible on their Motorcycle Tour adventures.

2016 is setting up to be one of our best years yet. After bringing in the New Year in Mexico and Cuba we are proud to announce our first ever trip to the country of Myanmar. This is a nation that we have had our eyes on ever since it was opened up to outside tourists a few years ago. If you are the type who loves adventure and wants to be one of the first to ride this reclusive nation, the Myanmar Golden Pagoda Motorcycle Tour is the one for you. This 15 day 1,250 mile motorcycle tour takes place entirely in the country of Myanmar and is the first of its kind. When you book this trip you will have the claim of being one of the first tourists to take this epic ride. From what we have seen of the country this will not be a secret getaway for long.

Of course Myanmar is far from the only choice you have in 2016. MotoDiscovery has a full lineup with something to suit everyone. From the tobacco farms of Cuba to the highest ridges of the Himalayas. MotoDiscovery will be once again forging new trails and pushing the world of motorcycle touring and adventure travel to a whole new level. So whether you are looking for a short trip primarily on pave roads, or you really want to step outside the box with our much longer Trans Amazonian Challenge, MotoDiscovery has you covered. Check out our whole lineup of 2016 Motorcycle Tours here.

2016 Motorcycle Tours.

Need to freshen up on your skills before embarking? MotoDiscovery can help you there with one of our training events too. These events combine classroom education with practical application through riding. We have found this is the most effective way to refine your skills.

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