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A Motorcycle Tour From MotoDiscovery Can Make An Excellent Couples Getaway For Those Who Enjoy Adventure Travel

2016 is right around the corner. The new year is a time that many couples begin planning their vacations and travel for the next 12 months. MotoDiscovery, the premier operator of Motorcycle Tours around the globe would like to invite you on an epic vacation motorcycle touring to some of the most remote and exotic locations on the planet. Whether you and your significant other are seasoned motorcycle touring enthusiasts, or you want to try something new in the world of adventure travel, MotoDiscovery has a Motorcycle Tour package just for you.

Since 1981 we have been the leader in Motorcycle Tours and Adventure travel all over the world. The idea for MotoDiscovery began with a simple concept of offering to guide riders through some spots in Mexico that we had become extremely fond of. This was a huge success, and after a few tours our adventure spirit began to itch some more. We decided if this was so successful in Mexico why not branch out and start exploring other areas of the globe we have always wanted to visit. From there we have not looked back.

Each year MotoDiscovery pushes the limit of what was originally thought possible. This never say impossible attitude has taken our guests and us on some of the most memorable tours and allowed us experiences we never thought possible. We were riding Cuba before diplomatic relations were restored. We rode Iran during a time of tension between the republic and the West. We have even ridden the highest motorable pass in the world on our Ladkh High Himalayan Tour. Each time we open our minds to new places, the experiences are unforgettable.

When you book a Motorcycle Tour with MotoDiscovery you are booking with a group that takes each tour on as a special adventure. We provide our guests with some of the best amenities, service, and experiences the countries we travel have to offer. This makes the trips especially great for couples looking to celebrate an occasion or just enjoy an adventure with each other.

Don’t do the same old thing in 2016 for your vacation. Step outside the box and book a motorcycle tour from MotoDiscovery. 800-233-0564