Bulverde 12/27/2015 2:37:00 PM
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Adventure Travel Enthusiasts 2016 Is Going To Be A Great Year For MotoDiscovery

When most people think of taking a vacation they stick to the normal ideas of going to visit family, or relaxing on a beach somewhere. However, there are a few who want their vacation to be packed with adventure and new experiences and usually in a new place. These are the people who love to book a Motorcycle Tour with MotoDiscovery. MotoDiscovery has been defining Motorcycle Adventure travel since 1981. Our team of Motorcycle Touring Enthusiasts and travel experts have been providing some of the best Motorcycle Tours around the globe for over 30 years and 2016 is setting up to be a banner year.

In typical MotoDiscovery fashion we are adding a new tour to a previously undiscovered location. This coming year we will be heading to Myanmar for the Golden Pagoda Motorcycle Tour. Myanmar is a country that we have had our eye on ever since they held democratic elections in 2011. We could not wait any longer and thought 2016 would be a great year to experience the country. When you book this 15 day 1,250 mile ride you will be one of the first outsiders to explore the country formerly known as Burma. This experience will be new for everyone, but we are excited about the possibilities the tour will provide.

Myanmar is just the beginning of the 2016 schedule. We have added a number of tours to our always popular Mexico Program providing guests with a number of different dates and tour characteristics to choose from. There is something for everyone this year in Mexico.

If you want something a little more extreme the Trans Amazonian Challenge may be for you. We are going deeper into South America than ever before when we once again team up with our friends at Motolumbia for the “Can’t Miss” Motorcycle Tour. This is a popular choice for the hardcore adventure traveler.  

These Motorcycle Tours combined with our always popular Europe and Cuba tours are setting 2016 up to be the best year yet for MotoDiscovery and our guests. Don’t miss out this year on what are promising to be the best Motorcycle Tours to date from MotoDiscovery.

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