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Buying A Home Without An Agent In Florida? Make Sure You Get A WDO Inspection With The Pest Experts At Bingham’s Professional Pest Management

Are you looking to relocate to the state of Florida? Is the warm climate and relaxed nature of Florida what you are looking for? You aren’t the only ones who are attracted to the Florida weather. If you are looking to buy a home in Florida you may be required to have a WDO inspection. WDOs or wood destroying organisms may be present in your new home, and if you are trying to purchase a house with a mortgage you will be required to get a WDO inspection on your Tampa Bay home.

Even if you aren’t purchasing a home with a mortgage, Bingham’s Professional Pest Management can quickly inspect your home for WDOs and potentially save you thousands of dollars. Imaging moving into your new home to find out six or eight months later that termites have destroyed some of the major structural support elements of your home. When you walked through the home you saw no evidence of a problem and the home owners never knew of the issue.

WDOs hide within the cracks, walls, floors, ceilings, even attics of your home. A casual walk through would never identify any potential threat. That is why you need to hire the Tampa bay pest control experts at Bingham’s Professional Pest Management to make sure your home is truly bug free.

Bingham’s Professional Pest Management wants to make sure you don’t run into problems during closing or in the future. Having an inspection can insure your home is bug free, and if there are bugs, Bingham’s Professional Pest Management will make sure to devise a plan to remove the bugs and keep them out. Call their St. Petersburg office at 727-323-8866 or their Spring Hill office at 352-397-4848