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Book Your Motorcycle Tour Through Cuba Now From MotoDiscovery

The Santiago to Havana Motorcycle Tour from MotoDiscovery is coming soon. Departing on March 18th and going through March 30th, This 13 day and 900 mile adventure is a great trip for riders of all skill levels. MotoDiscovery has been the pioneer in bringing Motorcycle Tours to Cuba, and we have these rides down to perfection. Come with us and see everything that makes Cuba one of our favorite countries to ride in. The Santiago to Havana Tour takes place primarily on paved roads with the occasional unpaved sections of plantation roads. This ride is easily navigated by those with touring experience. 

Our Santiago to Havana Motorcycle Tour is a special one-time-a-year tour, and is quite possibly our most comprehensive Cuba tour. We will ride from the eastern edge of the island while heading west to the legendary port city of Havana. The tour is full of vibrant culture, festive music, and great Cuban food. We have yet to run across someone who did not thoroughly enjoy the time they spent in this vivacious country. As we begin in the second largest city, Santiago, riders can experience the rich history of the former capitol of the island. This area is influenced by the early Spanish Conquistadors, French settlers, and African slaves. Santiago is every bit as exciting as Havana and has the benefit of having far less tourists. This gives the early part of our trip a truly genuine Cuban flare. 

As we ride East from Santiago the tour allows you to sample all things Cuba. We see the beautiful turquoise waters of the Caribbean as we ride past the Naval Base at Guantanamo as well as the Colonial ere Trinidad which is always a favorite among our guests. Finally, as we arrive in Camaguey you will see the beautiful restored plazas where it earns its nickname as the “City of Squares”. Here is where locals gather to hear the sound of inviting music and dance until the sun goes down. 

This Motorcycle Tour along with the reverse Havana to Santiago Tour is especially interesting to those who have already visited Cuba and would like to extend their visit to the far eastern edge of the island which is known for its distinctive geography and culture. 

If you want to experience Cuba like never before book the Santiago to Havana Motorcycle Tour from MotoDiscovery. 

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