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Make Your Next Vacation an Adventure With A Cuba Motorcycle Tour

MotoDiscovery has Cuba Motorcycle Tours throughout 2016. There is a ride to fit any schedule and skill level. Cuba is quickly becoming one of our favorite locations to visit and it shows with our extensive 2016 lineup. For over 30 years MotoDiscovery has been the leader in providing remote and exotic motorcycle tours all over the globe. 2016 is the year where we are going to really conquer Cuba. With diplomatic relations being restored between Cuba and The US, the time to ride Cuba is now.

Cuba has something for everyone to enjoy. From beautiful roads along the Cuban countryside, to the active and vibrant city of Havana, Cuba has it all.

If you have never been to Cuba you are in for a real treat. From the moment you touchdown in Havana you are transported into a time warp surrounded by the iconic cars of yesteryear you know you are in for a special treat.

No matter the ride you choose we will be surrounded by music and dance, which is the pulsing undercurrent of life in Cuba, as well as the lively and vibrant people. It is almost impossible not to get caught up in the boisterous and lively style of the Cuban people. Any of the trips below are a great way to view this island paradise.

New Years In Cuba 7 Day Tour- 7 days and 500 miles of riding.

Santiago to Havana Cuba Motorcycle Tour- 13 days and 900 miles of riding.

Cuba 12 Day Motorcycle Tour- 12 days and 900 miles of riding.

Cuba 7 Day Motorcycle Tour- 7 days and 500 miles of riding.

Havana to Santiago Cuba Motorcycle Tour- 13 days and 900 miles of riding.

MotoDiscovery has been operating Motorcycle Tours to some of the most exotic and remote locations on the planet for over 30 years. When you are looking for the best in class motorcycle tours look no further than MotoDiscovery. 800-233-0564