Bulverde 1/31/2016 9:00:00 PM
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Book A Himalayan Motorcycle Tour Today From MotoDiscovery

Are you looking for one of the most extreme and intense motorcycle tours around? If so MotoDiscovery has just the tour for you. The Ladakh High Himalayan Expedition from MotoDiscovery is one of the most intense tours on two wheels. Since 1981 MotoDiscovery has been the leader in providing motorcycle tours to some of the most unique and exotic locations around the globe. With over 30 years’ experience in global motorcycle touring MotoDiscovery provides our guests with the best in experience, service, and amenities. When you book with MotoDiscovery you can be assured you are in for a great adventure.

Each day of this motorcycle tour is a new adventure. We quickly leave behind the chaos of Dehli as we make our way into the Tibetan Buddhist regions of the Himalayas known as Ladakh. Leaving the large city of Dehli and moving into these remote areas you will see how the Himalayas make this region one of two different worlds. The majority of our journey is in the ladder more remote regions seeking the next great adventure. 

One aspect that almost immediately makes this ride different is the choice of bike. We will be riding the Royal Enfield 500cc Bullet. This bike is amazing for the trip. You will notice that even as you reach 18,000 feet the Bullet does not skip a beat. After a few days on this machine you may be rethinking everything that you deemed necessary in a touring bike. Low to the ground, fast enough, reliable, and in one word, fun. The Bullet is the perfect bike for this adventure. 

The mountain passes of the Himalayas are something ever motorcycle enthusiast should experience at least once. Riding through the remote corners of the Himalayas and viewing Tibetan Buddhist temples, monasteries, and monuments is an experience you can take with you forever. As we hit these remote regions we will also do a few nights of well outfitted camping when the population areas are scarce. 

Riders on the Ladakh High Himalayan Motorcycle Tour should consider arriving to the area a few days early. MotoDiscovery will arrange an optional overnight excursion to Agra where you can visit one of the great wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal. Don’t leave India wishing you had seen this great monument.

Don’t let this once in a lifetime tour pass you by. Call MotoDiscovery today to find out dates and book your tour. 800-233-0564