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Travel Back In Time With MotoDiscovery's Bi-Annual Colonial Mexico Road Tour

MotoDiscovery got its start in 1981 providing motorcycle tours of Old Mexico, peeling back the rough, regal exterior of the Mexico area to expose its inner beauty. Now you can take a nine day, 1,250 mile trip through colonial Mexico and experience the old magic for yourself with The Colonial Mexico Road Tour. This specific trip is a Road Tour, meaning the entirety of the trip is one paved roads. You can rent one of MotoDiscovery's motorcycles or, for this specific trip, provide your own as these roads are suitable for all styles of bike. This is the ideal trip for all skill levels of rider and anyone who is looking for a stress-freeing on-the-road getaway.

The Colonial Mexico Road Tour Motorcycle Tour begins in McAllen, Texas and extends to seven different Mexican cities, starting with Hacienda Santa Engracia, then south to Jalpan, and then onwards to Conde Nast Traveler's Top City in the World in 2013, San Miguel de Allende, located in Central Mexico. San Miguel de Allende is an old city, rich with history dating back to 1542. The old Spanish architecture is well-preserved. There are many old Catholic churches and historic buildings to be admired. Experience the eclectic feel and culture mix of this enriching city on day four and five of your motorcycle tour hosted by MotoDiscovery.

There are multiple other colonial Mexican cities on the itinerary in this nine day trip, including Zacatecas. Additionally, this trip includes a stop at Real de Catorce, a rural and remote mining town, only accessible through a small two kilometer tunnel.

Experiencing Colonial Mexico on the back of a motorcycle, will truly give your the most authentic experience. For additional details, prices, and booking information visit MotoDiscovery's Motor Tours page and start booking your adventure today.