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A Motorcycle Tour From The Black Sea To The Caspian Is The New Way To Vacation

Take a detour from your typical mainstream vacation and enjoy the ride of a lifetime with MotoDiscovery’s unique motorcycle tour From the Black Sea to The Caspian. Experience 5 countries, 16 cities, and 1,700 miles in 21 days with this innovative, off beat tour. Most of the roads traveled during this exciting trip are paved and a suitable for any style of motorcycle. However there are three or four days in this journey that will take place off road and on gravel.

This eastern tour begins in Istanbul, a city with the reputation of being one of the most enriching travel destinations on Earth. From Istanbul you will take an inclusive flight out to the Black Sea city of Trabzon. Here you will prepare for your journey to the Caspian. Traveling through 16 cities, with multiple stops along the way, you will experience an array of cultures with MotoDiscovery. If you have spent the majority of your vacations close to home or in one area, this is the perfect way to branch out and take an edgy, enriching vacation.

In between the Black Sea and The Caspian, you will ride through the Caucasus Mountains, some of Europe’s highest mountains. This area in particular is known to be one of the most culturally diverse regions in the world with over 40 languages spoken in 300 different dialects. Such cultural diversity stands because the Caucasus Mountains serve as the marker between where Europe ends and Asia begins.

Travel through Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Russia in this chance-of-a-lifetime trip. Undergo all the history of Eastern Europe on two wheels. Cake your boots in ancient dust as your travel with MotoDiscovery on one of their most popular motorcycle tours taking place June 8th through the 28th.

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