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Car Dealerships Can Drive More Traffic To Their Property With Their Very Own Findit Site

Most car dealerships these days operate on the up system or the open sales floor system. Both systems can be beneficial depending on how busy the dealership is and how well all the employees know each other. Regardless of the system in place, all car dealerships can be utilizing Findit to generate more business at their car dealership. Findit.com gives car dealerships the ability to drive traffic to their business through Right Now status updates.

A status update on Findit is a post that can include up to 6000 characters, photos, a video, a link, a press release, and even an audio file. These posts create their own page within Findit which enables them to index in search engines. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, and your other social sites, Findit is an open platform. Anyone from around the world can see what you are posting without having to have their own Findit account, this empowers you to reach a larger audience.

In most cases, a sales associate at your car dealership isn’t dealing with a client at every given moment. Managers, office receptionists, even the financing department can be utilizing Findit while they aren’t currently working with a client.

Clark St. Amant of Findit says, “Creating a lot of great new content everyday is really going to increase your relevancy in Google.”

Sales associates can also have their own Findit site. Findit offers unique URLs to sales associates that want to target a specific car or the brand that they are selling for instance “findit.com/toyotacamry” Within their own Findit Site, they can create status updates to drive traffic for people who are looking to test drive a car, buy a new or used car, or hear about certain features. Findit is easy to use and can really help your overall performance by increasing your online web presence and building brand awareness.