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Auto Repair Shops Can Use Findit To Market Their Services Locally To Customers Online

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those that only take their car to dealerships and those that never take their car to dealerships. Sure, owning a nice BMW X5 is great under warranty. Then all of a sudden you’ve had the car for five years, you’ve put 65,000 miles on it, and all of a sudden you need a new air conditioning system and two of your windows won’t roll up. Capture this audience of consumers who own cars that don’t want to pay exorbitant dealership prices to fix common problems on vehicles. Auto Shops can use Findit to market their services online and gather new customers who are finding themselves with car repairs that happened after their warranty expired.

Many auto repair shops operate on referrals. But what if there was a way to advertise yourself online easily, quickly, and you could share it across all of your social media sites. With Findit, you can. Findit is an interactive search engine and social campaign management platform. Designed around building awareness, your very own Findit Site can be viewed by anyone anywhere, without having to create a site of their own. This is much different than Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter where people must be logged into their site, to visit your site. Because of this, Findit gives you the ability to market to the masses, creating status updates that can include up to 6000 characters, photos, a video, a link, a press release, and a music file. Auto Body shops can upload photos of past completed jobs, or current ones to display their premium work.

“Findit is changing the way people use the internet to market their services or products online” says Clark St. Amant of Findit Inc. Being able to share across all of your platforms seamlessly makes Findit the perfect starting place for your Auto Repair Shop to conduct their online marketing strategy.