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A Brief Look At The Difference Between Snorkeling And Scuba Diving

People have been exploring the depths of the ocean for centuries. Over the years, underwater exploration has increased as well as the technology to keep people underwater with supplied oxygen. Both snorkeling and scuba diving give you the ability to explore and view life below the water, however, there are several key differences between the two.

The word snorkel derives from the German word schnorchel which translates to “air intake”. The first snorkel was invented by Dutch Navy Lieutenant Jan J Wichers, which supplied fresh air to diesel running submarines as well as ventilation for its exhaust. S.C.U.B.A on the otherr hand stands for self-contained underwater breathing apparatus, which was coined by the US military in 1939.  In the modern day application for swimmers wishing to explore the many oceans and lakes on this planet, snorkels provide fresh air at the surface, allowing swimmers to gaze below from above, while scuba diving actually enables medium to longterm submerged exploration.

Snorkeling equipment typically consists of three things, the snorkel, the mask, and fins. You can find snorkel gear around most beaches and surf shops and can get sufficient equipment at a reasonable price. Anyone that has the ability to swim can snorkel and recreational snorkeling is intuitive, easy, and can be fun for all ages.

Scuba diving on the other hand requires a text book course, instructional videos, pool dives, and 4 open water dives before becoming open water certified. Typical scuba diving equipment includes a wet suit, mask, regulator, dive computer, air tank, fins, weights, and more.

Scuba diving will give you far more access to exploring life beneath the surface, however, certification, training, and cost is also required. Snorkeling can be enjoyed by really anyone for a nominal fee, however, you will be limited by what you can see due to not having the right equipment to really explore greater depths. Both sports are fun, exciting, and can be a lot of fun with friends, family, or by yourself! Scuba.com provides the best scuba diving equipment for beginners, amateurs, and professionals. Order your new gear today!