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Buy Your Medical Equipment For Your Gainesville Georgia Medical Facility From BiTech Medical

At BiTech Medical we “work to charge less”. BiTech Medical wants to provide your Gainesville medical facility with the best equipment. Excellent medical equipment and repairs are more important than strong revenues. Helping you provide quality healthcare services to your patients is a priority. At BiTech Medical we specialize in medical device sales and medical device repairs. Do not let faulty medical equipment keep you from providing quality healthcare to your patients. Focus fully on the administrative and functional aspects of your medical center, leave your technology in the trustworthy hands of BiTech Medical.

BiTech Medical’s Service Calls are available throughout Georgia and the surrounding states, including your Gainesville area. When you call BiTech, we will speedily send a biomedical engineer out to your facility to repair your medical equipment. Our engineers are skillful and up-to-date on all the latest medical technologies.

BiTech wants to provide your Gainesville medical facility with quality medical equipment and repairs as needed, at affordable prices. At BiTech we have a full range of medical equipment including EKG machines, patient monitoring machines, laboratory equipment, surgical equipment, and more.  Additionally, BiTech is an authorized distributor of Bionet medical products. Leave the technological monitoring of your patient’s health to your new Bionet equipment.

At BiTech Medical we are dedicated to serving and providing the Southeast region with quality medical services.  As technology advances so do the services at BiTech Medical. We want to build a strong foundation and trust with your Gainesville, Georgia medical facility.