Irvine 3/7/2016 5:13:51 PM
News / Sports Reviews The Scuba Titanium Dive Knife Review

Dive knives are something most instructors don’t spent a lot of time explaining to their students.  Normally the topic is sped past during the equipment portion of a class as something everybody should have with possibly a sprinkling of “why” in terms of safety.   Most dive classes are more interested in the exciting gear we all want to learn about such as a regulator or bcd, figuring we all know what a knife does.  All too often we as consumers purchase the most inexpensive knife we can, find simply to have one strapped to our bcd or legs, only to find later on we’ve not purchased what we’d hoped to.  
Stainless steel corrodes even with the best of care, and typically doesn’t hold enough of an edge to cut air, let alone much of anything else.  Mini knives are inexpensive and a bit less cumbersome when mounted to your gear as opposed to your leg, but if you are diving in conditions requiring 3mm or thicker gloves, gripping one can be a challenge as our loss of dexterity through a layer of neoprene makes them difficult to use.

The Scuba Titanium Dive Knife takes into account everything a diver should need to concern themselves with when considering which piece of equipment to choose.  It has a very comfortable hand grip that allows for a secure grasp of the knife even with thick cold-water gloves on.  At its base is a large metal butt-cap that is terrific for using as a tank banger to get or keep the attention of a dive buddy or class.  A hole drilled in the end of the hand grip allows the diver to use a lanyard or possibly mount some sort of retaining device to the knife if you are in an environment where losing it is going to be an issue.  I’m not a huge fan of a lanyard on my knife, as I feel it is just another thing dangling from my gear to get fouled on the reef, or me or what ever, but I am sure there are situations where it would be a very handy feature to have. The titanium construction of the knife will help eliminate corrosion concerns and hold an edge very well, a fact I’ve all too painfully found out myself a time or two.  The blade has every feature that a diver should deem important.  It has a very sharp straight edge, but more importantly the other side has a serrated edge that runs nearly the entire length of the blade.  This edge is much more functional when used under water and is a MUST for any good dive knife.  The final blade feature that is something every dive knife should have is the line cutter.  The perfect tool for slicing through mono-filament fishing line or pesky kelp strands.  The knife is available in a blunt or pointed tip depending upon your preference.

Included with the knife is a very sturdy, hard plastic sheath that is secure but allows for easy one-hand removal of the knife and 2 leg straps.  All in all, one of the best values for your money in a dive knife.  If you want a knife that is strong, sharp, won’t corrode and is a real piece of scuba equipment then Scuba Titanium Dive Knife should be your first and only choice.